It is our mission to honour and interpret the unique environment and traditions of our historic wine appellation by justly transforming its “fruit” for the pleasure of those who consume it, and for the benefit of those that produce it. And of course, to have a bloody good time doing it!

Gilvesy Pincészet


Gilvesy Pincészet

What are we about? We are in absolute fascination and admiration of our environment, our terroir. Gilvesy Pincészet aims to express this terroir. Through our indigenous and international varietals grown organically on 6 million year old volcanoes, we use tradition and technology, to produce distinctive, expressive wines.

Nurture the land.

Organic practices in cultivation and the husbandry of the soil. It all starts in the soil, and keeping it healthy, keeps our vines healthy.

Minimalist intervention in the cellar.

We provide the best conditions, controlling little, we can and guide the process but let nature take its course. This often includes the encouragement of spontaneous fermentation, and the use Hungarian oak barrels to assist in the expression of our terroir. It is a good year when the winemaker has little work in the cellar and nature takes its course.

Creativity allowed.

It’s not cookie-cutter wines we are looking for. A spirit of experimentation and change is the norm.

Gilvesy Pincészet

Valued wines are what we aim to present.

In the manner our consumers have come to expect, whether it is the packaging we create, the partners we align with, or the gastronomy we offer our wines with, quality and creativity is our mantra.

Gilvesy Pincészet

The Players

Gilvesy Pincészet

Robert Gilvesy is the decendant of Hungarian grandparents who travelled from Szatmár and Sómogy counties to Canada to join the Hungarian diaspora for a better future. He grew up on a Canadian farm and developed an inner resonance with the land and soil. After some years working as an architect and in international business, he rediscovered his passion to work on the land. Robert learned about making wines in Austria and furthered his interest by travelling extensively.

With Marton Ruppert, a talented Hungarian winemaker, he delivers an international air in his approach to winemaking, while cherishing the heritage of Hungarian and international varietals on the ancient volcanic slopes of Szent György-Mount. Marton grew-up in the region but studied at Corvinus University. He shares Robert’s great love for the appellation.

Gilvesy Pincészet