Bohém -1 szimpózium meghivó

2018. May 13.

Official invitation to the most bohemian wine event this summer


Dear Wine lover friend!


It is our pleasure to invite you to the first Bohém Légyott volcanic wine symposium on day -1. On this special day, Patrícia Tóth, winemaker of the Planeta Winery in Sicily, Ursula Heinzelmann, german sommelier and gastronom, award-winning food and wine journalist and Alex Maltman, Emeritus Professor of Earth Science from Wales, U.K., the author of The wine lover’s guide to geology, will guide us through the exciting world of volcanic terroir with volcanic wines and winemakers.



On the 29th of June, on the Bohém Légyott Festival day -1, we will celebrate a new tradition in the history of the Szent György Hill wine region.


The excellent volcanic wines are provided by the great winemakers of Volcanic Wines of Pannonia:

Gilvesy Winery, Váli Winery, Pálffy Winery, Káli Kövek Winery, Losonci Winery, Bott Frigyes and Somlói Vándor.



Our fabulous friends at Esca, lead by Gábor Fehér will be providing their culinary delights to accompany our volcanic wines. We are ending the day with a great bohemian gourmet dinner with the beautiful and panoramic Lake Balaton as the backdrop.


We can’t wait to meet you on the Szent György Hill!


Kind regards,


Gilvesy Winery


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